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"A Good Confession"
March 18 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Psalm 51: 1-12; John 12: 20-33
     Confession is something we often associate with the rites of the Roman Catholic Church. But the Bible tells us, “confess your sins to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed.” - James 5:16. 
     We hesitate to confess because we naturally feel others, instead of praying for our healing, will judge and think less of us. This leads us to hide ourselves from one another and, at its worse, it leads to lives lived in veiled lies and hypocrisy. If confession is a prerequisite for prayer that heals, then it is first up to us to, in humility, to recognize our own sins and failures such that we will be people to whom it is safe to confess to. Confession is a hallmark of Healing Community. This sermon will be about the Discipline of Confession.

"Submit and Die"
March 11 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Numbers 21: 4-9; John 3: 14-21
"The discipline of submission has been terribly misconstrued and abuse from failure to see this wider context. submission is an ethical theme that runs the gamut of the
new Testament. It is a posture obligatory upon all Christians: men as well as women, fathers as well as children, master as well as slaves. We are commanded to live a life of submission because Jesus lived a life of submission, not because we are in a particular place or station in life. self-denial is a posture fitting for all those who follows the crucified Lord."
Richard J. Foster in "The Celebration of Discipline", p. 117
"Where is Jesus when we really need Him"
March 4 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Mark 6: 45-51
     Jesus promised, “I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever... . I will not leave you orphans; 
I will come to you” (John 14:16-18). When trials depress our hearts and it is an encouragement for those failing to be comforted to remember the unfailing Comforter and to commit the trial and depression into divine hands.” 
C.H. Spurgeon in Beside Still Waters, p. 232
"Meditating God’s Way"
Feb 25th 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Psalm 119: 97-104; Mark 9: 2-9
   “Your word [O God] is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.”      Psalm 119:105
"Why Fast"
Feb 18th 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Mark 1: 1-15
     Throughout Scripture fasting refers to abstaining from food for spiritual purposes. It stands in distinction to the hunger strike, the purpose of which is to 
gain political power or attract attention to a good cause. It is also distinct from health dieting which stresses abstinence from food for physical, not spiritual, purposes. Because of the secularization of modern society, “fasting” (if it is done at all) is usually motivated either by vanity or by the desire for power. That is not to say that these forms of fasting are wrong necessarily, but their objective is different from the fasting described in Scripture. Biblical fasting always centers on spiritual purposes

""Overcoming our Sinful Selves""
Feb 11th 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Romans 3: 10-18; 6: 1-11
    “Leo Tolstoy observes, “Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing himself. .” Let us be among those who believe that the inner 
transformation of our lives is a goal worthy of our best effort.” - Richard Foster

"Experiencing God in Ordinary Days"
Feb 4th 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Luke 3: 10-14; Romans 5: 1-5
     Jerry Sittser, author of the Will of God as a Way of Life writes about the significance of the ordinary, that is the everyday routine tasks of life. 
He quotes Teresa of Avila, a sixteenth century mystic and leader of a religious order as saying, “‘God walks among the pots and pans’” and then adds, “It is among those pots and pans we learn to “really live,” doing God’s will.” p. 87 This sermon will consider how God really is a part of our everyday lives.
"Commiting to experiencing God"
Jan 28st 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Exodus 3: 1-15

     Lynda Sittser wrote in her last letter just before she died the following: “I am trying to live my whole life in the light of eternity.” Jerry Sittser notes, “An eternal perspective will affect how we make choices.

It stresses the important over the urgent, need over want, service over pleasure, people over things... people and the Word of God are eternal. Most everything else is temporal. Make sure you invest in the eternal.” Jerry Sitters, recalling the counsel of St. Ignatius of Loyola, writes, “that before making decisions, we should try to picture ourselves standing on the thresh-hold of death, peering into the abyss of eternity. Would we choose differently if we made our choices with the end of life in mind?” in The Will of God as a Way of Life, p.101
"The Primacy of Fellowship"
Jan 21st 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  1 John 1: 1-7
     In the Greek language from which the Bible was translated the word for “fellowship” is Koinonia. It can be defined as “intimate fellowship” and is used to 
describe the vital, living, and dynamic relationship that believers have with Jesus Christ. When that is lacking, something is wrong. This sermon will explore what Koinonia means for the life of the Christian disciple and the church.
"Making Disciples of All Nations"
Jan 14th 
by Derryl Friesen

Scripture:  Matthew 28:16-20
Video available by request only
     The mission of Wycliffe Canada is to "[link] the Canadian Church with the world's minority language groups, to see community transformation through bible translation, use of translated Scriptures, mother tongue literacy and education"
"The Church - Interdependant"
Jan 7th 
by Rev. David Fisher

Scripture:  Matthew 2:1-2; 9-12 ; Ephesians 4:7-16
Henry Blackaby writes, “Every member has been placed in the church according to God’s plan to accomplish His purpose for that place and time.” 
Think about that for a minute. What a radical thought! What would it mean if, as a group, we would see ourselves not only receivers of what God would give us in our church life, but also as givers, as people who are dependent on others for our spiritual welfare? This is a Biblical notion that will be explored in this message.

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