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  "All Saints"

     Pastor Michael Spurlock has a simple job: Clean out the church he's been assigned to and sell it. All Saints Episcopal Church is nearly empty on Sunday mornings anyway. You could fit the entire congregation into a selfie. Without much squeezing. So it was really no big deal. Just deliver a few transitional sermons, gently nudge the members into another congregation and … sell the whole kit and caboodle.
     There is, however, one teeny, tiny problem: God keeps tapping Michael on the shoulder. The week after Michael and his family show up, several refugees come to church. They're members of the Karen people group, farmers from Burma who've been transplanted to the little town of Smyrna, Tenn., of all places. They don't speak much English. They're believers. They're in obvious need. And every time Michael sees their humble, smiling faces and shakes their roughly calloused hands, his heart goes out to them.
     One cool evening while praying about these people, Michael has an epiphany. And a plan seamlessly comes together in his mind.Instead of selling the church building and its land to make way for some warehouse or car lot, what if he could convince the diocese to let these farmers simply till the land. Why, with this fertile soil they could likely grow a crop that would not only feed their families, but also bring in enough money to pay the church's mortgage. They could "grow" the church—literally.
    The plan is simple. It's elegant. It's doable, with determination and hard work, of course. It uses the very group that God has led to Michael's doorstep. And it helps people. Why, it simply has to be God's will. But what if … it's not quite that simple?

DATE: Saturday, April 7, 2018
TIME: 7:00pm
Recomended for all ages
COST: Free (donations accepted)

Bring a small dessert to share after






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